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Turn On, Drive-In, Drop Out

It's slipshod and rotten, not keen Both scripting and plot are pre-teen But by golly gee! It's sci-fi 3-D! Folks flipped when stuff shot from the screen! George Nader stars in the "Golden Turkey" winner Robot Monster (Phil Tucker; 1953).

I love movies. I've been movie mad since I was a boy, when I'd sneak downstairs late at night to watch old movies on TV. Maybe a 1930s drama starring Lucille Ball before she became Lucy, or an obscure film noir from RKO. I love movies! I also love limericks. Years ago I plotted and inked a Munden's Bar story at First Comics. I asked my friend Stephen Sullivan if he'd write the script, and he did. In fact, he wrote two scripts. One was a conventional script with dialog and narrative captions. The other was a rhyming script in multiple limerick form. I picked the limerick script, and it planted a seed. Years later when I wrote a story for Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror comic, I conceived of an alphabet of horror, with each letter suggesting a gruesome poem in limerick form. Steve was my co-writer. This led to me starting a blog of limericks called LimerWrecks, which has been up and running for a decade or so, and which now contains thousands of limericks, but not the dirty Man from Nantuckett variety. Ours are mostly about old movies. Some of them good movies, some bad, many obscure. We often feature themes or topics that lead to ongoing features. We've focused on the many films of Vincent Price, on the Universal Frankenstein and Mummy franchises, and horror comic books. We've run weekly features such as "Throwback Thursday" about dinosaur and caveman movies, "Cartoon Sundays" and "Dwight Frye-Day" about, well, animated cartoons and actor Dwight Frye. Our latest dive into the deep end of silly cinema is called "Drive-In December" and you can read our rhymes about these sci-fi, horror, 3-D, and beach party

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