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Yackety Jack

This is the latest comic strip in my Flip the Script project.

Which means I draw the strip first, and you can see that process on my patreon page, here. Then I find some sucker--um...I mean...I get a writer to write a script. The results are often quite different from what I'd imagined they might be -- and that's a good thing. In fact, that's what this is all about. I sent the art to Jeremiah Wolfe to script.

Jeremiah is a local Chicago writer who, along with artist Archangelo Crelencia has self-published the first issue of the comic book Ashes. You can find them on social media using ths hashtag: @ashescomicbook

The strip was lettered by my old pal and consummate pro, Willie Schubert. Willie and I have been working together since my days at First Comics. Willie lettered my stories for Munden's Bar at First, and What The--?! at Marvel. He also lettered my Plastic Man series at DC, and my Image parody, Stupid.

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