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Spontaneity is Hard Work

Drawings can have a life of their own. A composition can be a process of discovery. One of my first priorities is to keep life in a drawing, from the spontaneity of the initial sketch all the way through to the polished finished piece. Inking is best when it has life. Sometimes that comes from keeping the pencil drawing loose. But when the pencils are tight and detailed, one must not ink with a tight hand. It might sound counterintuitive or strange, but that life, that feeling of spontaneity in inking is something that comes from practice. Only through practice can one become expert in the craft, so that when one is inking the result appears as effortless as possible. Only then will it have life. Here's an example where I left certain areas loose in the pencils so that I was able to do much of the drawing and be creative while inking with the brush. I detail the process here on my Patreon page.

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