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Make Mine Marvel...Again

I've been doing this art thing for quite a while. I started in comics as an inker way back in the 1980s, and somehow got my first job at Marvel. Eventually I moved beyond inking and wrote and drew humor stories for them, most often with writing partner Doug Rice. I worked off and on at Marvel for many years, but it's been even longer since my last job for them. Now Doug and I have reunited to write a new story for Marvel. It's for the series Marvel, an anthology curated by Alex Ross. I know, all these Marvels are confusing.

The six-issue series was delayed by the pandemic, but the first issue is being resolicited for November. Our story is in issue #4, due out in January, 2021. It features the monsters that were the stars at Marvel before Marvel became Marvel. Some of those monsters were sticky. Quite a few of them, actually.

Goom was originally drawn by Jack Kirby, and the Molten Man-Thing by Steve Ditko.

You can see more of the story in a post about the step-by-step pencil to ink to color process here on my Patreon page. Below is Alex's cover to the issue, highlighting the Marvel work of artist Rob Liefeld, who I inked way back when on The New Mutants. Marvel #4 (of 6), in stores on 1/13/2021. Ordering info:  StockID: 148660      Diamond#: APR200926

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