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Infected by Barta

I have many friends who are comic book artists and illustrators. From time to time some of them have asked me to pose for them.

Artists including friends Alex Ross, Tom Gianni, and Mitch O'Connell have all had me model for reference photos. Often they just use the pose, but sometimes they also use my likeness.

I've known painter Scott Gustafson since we were both students at the Chicago Academy of Art. Apparently Scott thinks I look like a knight. At least he's used me as one a couple times for his beautifuly illustrated books. Above is a piece called For Want of a Nail.

A friend sent me the link to a site containing the above page. The site is called Infected by Art. The image is an oil painting of Scott's from 2020 depicting St. George and the Dragon.

Here are two more I posed for: The Sorcerer's Revenge, and Beauty Meets Beast.

If you are interested in owning a print of any of these paintings, here are links to the appropriate pages on Scott's website.

All images © 2021 Scott Gustafson. All rights reserved.

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