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Cartooning During COVID

The life of a cartoonist is often a solitary one, especially if one works at home. So quaranting last year wasn't that much of a change fom my daily routine. But knowing this was no longer a choice but something which was imposed on me did take an emotional toll. Far worse was the drip torture of often daily news conferences by the previous administration. The mixture of bad information, pure stupidity, and the endless, meandering drone of a dullard--knowing he was the most powerful dullard in the world--started to wear on me. The isolation combined with rising anger was too much. It led me to draw several political cartoons, and social commentary is something outside my usual wheelhouse. I doubt such cartoons pursuade or influence anyone, but it felt good to be doing something.

I have been posting my art online for years, but during these long months social media beame even more important. Especially the feedback and encouragement I'd receive there. (We artists need an audience.) And then there was Zoom. Our local in-person Drink and Draw had been on hiatus, but resumed as a virtual meet up. It wasn't quite the same, but it was better than nothing. And we had the comedy relief of one zoom participant walk into the bathroom with his mic open. Eventually, after being double-vaxxed and boostered, the in-person events started up again, including the occaisional art lunch. It was great to see friends again. But now, with a new variant and a rise in cases, we have hit the pause button once again. I'm afraid the pandemic will be with us for years, but I'm prepared for the long haul. As I said, I'm used to being alone.

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